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Pharmaceutical Excipients

The word excipient is derived from the Latin excipere, meaning ‘to except’, which is simply explained as ‘other than‘. Pharmaceutical excipients are basically everything other than the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Ideally, excipients should be inert, however, recent reports of adverse reactions have suggested otherwise

Acetyltributyl Citrate                   Almond oil                  Alpha Tocopherol             Agar

Aluminium Hydroxide adjuvant                 Aliphatic polysters              Alitame             Alcohol

Adipic acid                 Albumin                   Alignic acid                  Acacia           Acetic acid

Aluminium Monostearate                   Acetyltriethyl Citrate             Acetone         Aspartame

Acesulfame Potassium                     Excipients in pharmaceutical oral solutions          Ascorbic acid

Aluminium alginate           Ammonium solution            Ammonium chloride       Ascorbyl Palmitate

Aluminium phosphate adjuvant             Aluminium oxide                     
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