A code of professional conduct for medical laboratory personnel should include those practices and attitudes which characterize a laboratory professional. Such code are necessary to ensure that technicians’ works are of recognized standards which patients and those requesting the tests are confident of the results they receive. 
A code of professional conduct for medical laboratory personnel

Above all a code of professional conduct can keep alive motivation and remind us that the medical laboratory profession is primarily dedicated to the service of the sick and promotion of good health care respecting ethical and psychological issues of patients.

Code of professional conduct for medical laboratory personnel

• Be dedicated to the use of clinical laboratory science to benefit mankind

• Place the well-being and service of patients above your own interests.

• Be accountable for the quality and integrity of clinical laboratory services.

• Exercise professional judgment, skill, and care while meeting established standards.

• Do not misuse your professional skills or knowledge for personal gain, and never take anything from your place of work that does not belong to you.

• Be at all times courteous, and considerate to patients and their relatives. Safeguard the dignity and privacy of patients.

• Do not disclose to a patient or any unauthorized person the results of your investigations and treat with strict confidentiality any personal information that you may learn about a patient.

• Respect and work in harmony with other members of your hospital staff or health center team.

• Promote health care and the prevention and control of disease

• Follow safe working practices and ensure patients and others are not put at risk. Know what to do should an accident or fire occur and how to apply emergency First Aid

• Do not consume alcohol or take non-prescribed drugs that could interfere with your work performance during laboratory working hours or when on emergency stand-by.

• Use equipment and laboratory ware correctly and do not waste reagents or other laboratory supplies

• Strive to improve professional skills and knowledge and adopt scientific advances that benefit the patient and improve the delivery of test results.

• Fulfill reliably and completely the terms and conditions of your employment
Taken from the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists.