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Good Medicine dispensing practice

Medicine is any substance or mixture of substances used in the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease in human and includes narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals, traditional medicines, complementary or alternative medicine; poisons, blood and blood products, vaccine, radioactive pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and sanitary items and medical instruments.

Medical Prescription: Any order for medicine written and signed by a duly licensed or authorized practitioner issued to a patient in order to collect medicine from dispensing outlet

Medicines Good Dispensing Practice

Dispensing refers to the act of preparing medicines and/or medical supplies and distributing to users with adequate information, counseling and appropriate follow up. Any person who is licensed or authorized by the appropriate body to dispense medicines and/or medical supplies is called a medical dispenser

Refers to the delivery of the correct medicine to the right patient, in the required dosage and quantities, in the package that maintains acceptable potency and quality for the specified period, clear medicine information counseling and appropriate follow up

Good Dispensing Principles

• Good dispensing practice ensures that the correct medicine is delivered to the right patient, in the required dosage and quantities, with clear instructions, and in package that maintains an acceptable potency and quality of the medicine.

• Dispensing includes all the activities that occur between the time the prescription or oral request of the patient or care provider is presented and the medicine or other items are issued to them. This process may take place in health institutions and community medicines retail outlets. It is often carried out by pharmacy professionals

• No matter where dispensing takes place or who does it, any error or failure in the dispensing process can seriously affect the care of the patient mainly with medical and economic consequences. Therefore, the dispenser plays a crucial role in the therapeutic process. The quality of dispensing may be determined by the training and supervision the dispenser has received and the medicine information available to the dispenser.

• A shortage of dispensing materials and insufficient dispensing time due to heavy patients load may also have adverse impacts on dispensing. One good way to reduce the dispensing time and potential errors is to prepack and label commonly used medicines. Another way to prevent staff from making errors when working under pressure is to organize the work so that more than one individual is involved in the dispensing process for each prescription.

• Pharmacy professionals involved in dispensing of medicines have the need for medicines information in order to keep themselves up to date with developments related to medicines and to provide such information to patients, other health professionals and to the general public.

• Because of an increasing number and complexity of medicines, the need for up-to-date information is greater than ever. The provision of medicines information to prescribers and other professionals is mainly directed at improving prescribing and medicines administration

• On the other hand, because counseling of patients on medications is an integral part of the medicines dispensing process, medicine dispensers should be adequately equipped with up-to-date medicine information. Lack of knowledge and information by patients about the medicines they take leads to incorrect use which in turn results in loss of efficacy or occurrence of adverse effects.

• Communication skills are very important for dispensers dealing with patients or health care professionals to convey relevant medicine information effectively and clearly, which can be done verbally and/or in written form. Medicine dispensers must have the ability to explain information clearly by the language the patient or care provider can understand and check whether the information is being understood

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