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Limitations of disease vector control

Physical Methods


  • Environmental management requires cooperation and willingness of all members. Bush clearing in tsetse fly control is not regarded as environmental friendly and goes against environmental conservation

limitations and delimitations of disease vector control

  • High initial costs, especially when applying environmental modification methods.


To determine the limits of boundaries for vectors control the community should be involved right from the initial stage of the project



  • Procurement of chemicals and procedures are expensive.
  • Vectors may develop resistance 
  • Chemicals can accumulate in food chain  
  • Need regular applications 
  • Can cause irritation, toxicity and other undesirable effects.


  • Tax relief /exemption 
  • Community mobilisation 
  • Monitoring insecticides resistance
  • Restricted use of pesticides (e.g. restriction of DDT for in indoor use)
  • Health education on the importance use of pesticides (e.g. use of treated nets)

Biological Methods

  • Expensive (e.g. application of male sterile technique to control tsetse)
• Availability of biological agents (e.g. larvivorous fish to control mosquito larva)

  • Application of integrated methods of vector control.
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