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Clomifen Citrate | A sterility drug

gafacom image for clomiphene citrate
Clomifen acts as weak estrogen and as anti-estrogen because of its antagonism to the uterotropic effect of estradiol mono benzoate, but it is not used for this action in cases of breast cancer.


In women: when sterility is due to ovarian failure (functional), ovarian dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome, lactational amenorrhea, psychogenic amenorrhea and some cases of secondary amenorrhea of unknown origin or post contraceptive amenorrhea.

In men: sterility in men due to oligospermia and poor sperm motility.
Contraindications: pregnancy, liver insufficiency, abnormal vaginal bleeding (uterine tumor, ovarian cyst)


complete pelvic examination is essential prior to start of treatment and pregnancy is increased when conception take place during clomifen therapy.

Side effects

Side effects are dose related, being more prominent and frequent at high doses. They uncommonly interfere with treatment at recommended doses. They include hot flushes, which are not usually severe and disappear after discontinuation of treatment. Abdominal symptoms are usually related to ovulatory or premenstured phenomena or ovarial enlargement.



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