Anesthetics medicines; Explanatory over view

In this growing field of pharmacy there is a need to be equipped with enough knowledge about pharmaceutical products and how they perform the different functions in our body. In the light of this  has seen the importance of bringing this knowledge at your door. The world now is in the fight against microbial resistance and drug dependence, this knowledge can equip us with something about this fight even if it is small but helpful.
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Is a class of medicines which are used in surgery and intubation.  anesthetics are classified into two groups, these are general na local anesthetics. Indication of general  anesthetics is during surgical procedures to render the patient unaware of the procedure and unresponsiveness, generally are the drugs that can cause reversible loss of  consciousness.

In this group of general anesthetics we have drugs like Thiopental, Ketamine, Isoflurane, Ether, desflurane, propofol, etomidate, sevoflurane. These drugs also can be grouped into two, those for inhalation like halothane and intravenous injection like ketamine.  

Local anesthetics are used to numb the feelings at specific part of the body. They produce reversible inhibiyion of impulse generation and propagation in nerves. Local anesthetics include drugs like cocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine, bupivacaine, procaine, mepivacaine, lignocaine. These also can be grouped into two, those coming from esters like cocaine and amide group which include mepivacaine. Anasthetics are usually administered by a anestheologist in order to induce anesthesia.Contraindication of these drugs include patients with heart failure,  cardio-respiratory problems and the condition of the surgery


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